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We understand how precious your vessel is to you and will therefore treat her with the utmost care. Before we set out we thoroughly check all functions of the boat systems, rigging, electronics and fittings. To keep wear and tear to a minimum your ship will be sailed or motored conservatively.

Professionalism, safety and transparency are at the heart of our Yacht Delivery service.

We understand how precious your vessel is to you and will therefore treat her with the utmost care. Before we set out we thoroughly check all functions of the boat systems, rigging, electronics and fittings. To keep wear and tear to a minimum your ship will be sailed or motored conservatively.

Vessels and itineraries vary considerably. The cost to perform a yacht delivery depends on many factors- no two deliveries are identical. After analyzing the pre-delivery questionnaire we will quote an all inclusive delivery service fee based upon a number of factors including: proposed route and season – vessel speed and equipment/condition of vessel and the number of crew required.

Example Pre-delivery Questionnaire below.
Our rates are currently lower than the industry standard. I try to provide an efficient service below the mean rate with the highest amount of planning, professionalism, and safety standards at the most affordable price.

Crew Required:

Sailboats: All sizes Captain + 1 or more deckhands required.

Sailboats underway 24 hrs a day need Captain +1 or more deckhands aboard.

Sailboats over 65 feet or any boat on very long passages Captain +2 or more deckhands

Powerboats: Captain +1 or more deckhands required, larger boats will require more hands.

Crew Fees

$235.00 to $350.00 per day depending on delivery.

All deliveries have different challenges. Some projects require 24/7 oversight for days at a time. We will always be fair with our pricing and will perform the delivery in the most efficient way our safety standards will allow.

Deckhand/Crew: $95.00 per day

Travel Expenses

Provisions: $35.00 per day per person (food and supplies), unless these are provided by the owner prior to or during the delivery.

Travel Expenses: Transportation cost round trip using practical means – rental car, train, taxi, bus, or plane for longer distances.

Fuel: (Deposit required for expected fuel usage)
Fuel, oil, or other consumables used during the trip will be at the owner’s expense.

Dockage: We do not mark up the cost of dockage fees. Vessels on the Intracoastal will have docking fees. When not running a vessel 24 hours a day, we will sleep on the boats in marinas if appropriate anchorage is not available.

Transit Fees/Port Charges: At owner’s expense no mark-up.

The largest variable in labor is vessel speed. Many captains bid assuming that a vessel will be moving at her hull speed. This provides an unrealistic estimate. A 40’ vessel may have a theoretical hull speed of 8 knots. But should she push that hard for a 2-week delivery? If an owner provides a speed (s)he feels the vessel will maintain, an estimate will be provided based on that speed. Should the vessel not maintain that speed because of weather, tide, or current- the invoice will be for the actual time required.

A DEPOSIT IS NECESSARY to schedule you on my calendar and commission crew.

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Owner Information
Owner’s Name:
Home Mailing Address:
Port of departure?
Preferred departure date?
Port of Destination:
Preferred arrival date?
Are these dates flexible?
Do you and your family plan to be aboard?
The number of separate berths for crew?
Vessel Information
Vessel name and where it is registered?
Make, model, year, displacement?
Engine make, model, h/p & hours?
When were the engine oil and oil filters changed?
When was the fuel filter changed?
Location of spare oil & oil & fuel filters?
Fuel capacity and how many tanks?
How many liters of diesel are in the tank/s now?
How long since the last top-up of fuel in tanks?
Is the fuel gauge accurate?
Can tanks be ‘dipped’ to confirm quantity?
Are size Ltrs/quantity fuel jerry cans available?
Fuel consumption at cruising RPM?
Water capacity in tank & jerry cans?
Last haul-out/anti-foul? When did you last have the prop cleaned when?
Equipment (make, model, year)
Radar, AIS, GPS, Plotter, Autopilot, Self Steering,
VHF, SSB, Depth, 406MHz EPIRB: (Battery age?)
Life Raft Certification date?
What safety gear is on board? Emergency steering?
Are there mast steps or is there a bosuns chair?
Sail inventory, age & condition?
Standing rigging age & condition?
Anchors, chain, rode, windlass (elec/manual?)
Batteries age/type/amp hr/condition/how charged?
Genset, Inverter, Batt. charger, Solar (Qty/size)?
Cooking facilities & quantity LPG gas on board?
Refrigeration/Freezer type & size?
General Info
Vessel’s Insured value? Is the delivery crew covered?
Is the helm protected from the weather?
When is the last time the vessel was underway?
Is a copy of the last survey available?
Where can the engine manual be located?
Do all engine instrument gauges work?
Do all navigation instruments & lights work?
Any laptop with C-Map, or a way to connect one?
Paper charts for the delivery area? (originals/copies?)
Shore power & boat system: 230/110ac 12/24dc
Is there a transformer to step power up/down?
Charging for h/held GPS, VHF, phones, laptop?
Any systems that might not be working properly?
Does any engine startup procedure need to be known?
Anything else the crew should know about the boat?



Are you a qualified and experienced sailor with a passion for water and would you like to work as a crewmember or skipper for our Yacht Delivery Services?

Please send us an email with a short introduction of yourself, your sailing resume, and availability. Please specify if you are interested in motor/ powerboat deliveries, sailing yacht deliveries, or both.



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