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Please support our mission to Provide Educational and Transformative Content through Video and Audio Long Format Interviews with INSPIRING AND IMPORTANT VOICES from around the World. Help Explorers Pod If you value our work, we strongly encourage you to make a contribution. Financial support is crucial to the continuation of our activities at this stage, we currently can not cover our monthly costs.


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Your donations are vital to sustaining Explorers Pod online global platform. In addition to continuing to provide Educational and Transformative Content we have several plans for the next year aimed at increasing our readership and improving our content and coverage.

Growing our Outreach:

Advertising – Our aim is to grow our global outreach beyond our current base of monthly listeners and viewers. 

The Creation of an Online Library of Educational and Transformative Content

We’ll be creating more regular videos productions, as well as initiating a program of short documentaries. We plan on continuing our interviews on various topics with researchers, academics and experts.

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