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Janet, Todd, Himalaya, and Amihan Star


Janet and Todd, thank you for sharing your experiences of your journey from training for Everest, being a mother, and still being able to stay focused, fit, and determined to conquer your dream.

Todd, shares how as a rookie climber & sailor, now with thousands of miles and experiences you face when in the open sea.

Most of us could only wish or dream it, but you are taking this opportunity to share with the world your family life on board sailing, your challenges of life, your family’s journey, and most of all your aspirations, hope, positivity and teach those of us about life through an adventure and the outdoors.

Wishing you both and both H&A a safe and great adventure. Keep sharing your life’s journey so many will benefit from it. 🧡

— Amelia Uhen, Kota  Kinabalu

I attended a session with Janet and Todd at Sabah Indoor Climbing Center. Their talk was titled “high mountain, deep ocean” where they shared their experiences respectively, Janet shared her experience climbing Mount Everest and Todd shared his experience sailing around the world alone and how they both overcame trials and tribulations along their journey. their stories opened my eyes that whatever we want to achieve is possible because the distance between you and everything you want is the number of actions you take. If you want it, you got to work for it because nothing comes easy. I learned that all of us have our own problems and issues in our life regardless of how big or small the problems are, all we have to do is to take one step at a time to get through it. I learned that you are living a rich life when you share your experiences with others who appreciate them.

Sabah Climbing Association
Sabah Indoor Climbing Center



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