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A mission to sail around the world with the help of the teams we build, setting up keynotes and educational programs for kids, groups, and communities, that inspire, as well as inform, and it is all built on kindness.

We are promoting tourism, sports, exploration, and conservation, while keynote speaking and producing podcasts interviews with INSPIRING AND IMPORTANT VOICES. 


 Become A Team Member.… for Explorers Pod, create local campaigns, help build contacts, become stakeholders and fundraise for our mission.

You can make a real difference. Our charity provides inspirational and educational opportunities to young people, environmental groups, schools, universities, companies, and communities around the world. We need your help so that we can offer free exclusive keynotes to groups, to children from all backgrounds and of all abilities, all over the world. In doing so, many people are empowered, discovering their potential for living an extraordinary life. Children develop confidence, competence, and resilience that transfer into the classroom and their home lives.

Each dollar raised will help make a real difference to our ability to create and engage free and accessible keynotes and educational opportunities for people around the world.

In regard to our conservation campaigns and keynotes. It stems from our time at sea and what we have witnessed over the years with the increase in plastic pollution littering the sea. It is a clear problem that needs to be addressed having become stewards of our waters after all these years at sea. We are on the front always explaining, and educating, how to develop plastic clean-up campaigns and how to use the Global Alert app to report trash hotspots anywhere in the world’s waters and coastlines.

Your contributions will help our team develop clean-up campaigns and how to use the app all over the world.

Keep online and accessible to all. Make a donation today! Questions? Please contact

Your donations are vital to sustaining Explorers Pod online global platform. In addition to continuing to provide Educational and Transformative Content we have several plans for the next year aimed at increasing our readership and improving our content and coverage.

Challenges We Face:

Monetary: We left the Philippines more like refugees rather than well-planned cruisers setting out to sail around the world. We put every minute of every day into our survival basket and how to make the next nautical mile. To say the least we are grateful for every day and every mile as we continue to find our way and meet the challenges before us. That said, monetarily we need donors’ and partners’ help in covering the cost of the journey, giving free keynotes to youth and adults as well as the maintenance, repairs, equipment, clothing, communication/data, provisions, etc, etc.

Here is an example of funding for some essential gear that needs to be purchased before we cross the Indian Ocean.

Windvane selfsteering
64 lb Bruce anchor with chain
2 main winches
Backup GPS and paper charts
Bottom paint
EPIRB Emergency Positioning Beacon:
Additions to our medical kit:
Full weather sailing gear:
HF long-range radio repair:
Ocean GGR certified Life Raft:
Camera and media equipment
Website Hosting and online presents:

My son and I currently only get 4 hours in the bunk daily while on passage.. 4 on 4 off always at the helm 24/7. Even if you can just help with the wind vane self-steering to make our journey safer is a huge amount of help. Thank you.

If you are unable to make a monetary donation but have the product in kind, please box it up and send it to our departure port:

SV Meermaid Vessel in Transit

Maintenance is an ongoing expense. For example, we made our final payment for Meermaid on the 17th of December 2021. On December 18, 2021, Typhoon Odette (International name: Rai) hit Puerto Princesa City, Phillippines where we were anchored. We were one of 3 surviving boats that did not hit the shore but we were severely damaged, destroying our bowsprit and other gears by another boat that dragged the mooring. This ongoing maintenance that we still haven’t recovered fully from to this day. But we are sailable. :)…

Logistics & time constraints:

One of the cruxes of our journey is the difficulties setting up keynote engagements as is not so easy given our time constraints, visas, weather windows, and lack of communication while at sea.

This is where team building comes into place so we can connect with environmental groups, schools, universities, companies, and communities on our voyage around the world. We are trying to build an international team working together sharing ideas and helping us to make contacts along our journey.

If our organization matters to you, become a team member, create local campaigns, help build contacts, and stakeholders and fundraise for our mission. If you would like to become a team member/ collaborator please send us an email at

Also, you can become a team member and fundraise for Explorers Pod. Become a team member


We need your support, and you can help me in many ways.

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Thank you for taking a moment and being here. We appreciate every one of you. Please join us on the adventure and support the campaign in any way you can.

Keep exploring! 

Janet, Todd, Himalaya, and Amihan Star


Janet and Todd, thank you for sharing your experiences of your journey from training for Everest, being a mother, and still being able to stay focused, fit, and determined to conquer your dream.

Todd, shares how as a rookie climber & sailor, now with thousands of miles and experiences you face when in the open sea.

Most of us could only wish or dream it, but you are taking this opportunity to share with the world your family life on board sailing, your challenges of life, your family’s journey, and most of all your aspirations, hope, positivity and teach those of us about life through an adventure and the outdoors.

Wishing you both and both H&A a safe and great adventure. Keep sharing your life’s journey so many will benefit from it. 🧡

— Amelia Uhen, Kota  Kinabalu

I attended a session with Janet and Todd at Sabah Indoor Climbing Center. Their talk was titled “high mountain, deep ocean” where they shared their experiences respectively, Janet shared her experience climbing Mount Everest and Todd shared his experience sailing around the world alone and how they both overcame trials and tribulations along their journey. their stories opened my eyes that whatever we want to achieve is possible because the distance between you and everything you want is the number of actions you take. If you want it, you got to work for it because nothing comes easy. I learned that all of us have our own problems and issues in our life regardless of how big or small the problems are, all we have to do is to take one step at a time to get through it. I learned that you are living a rich life when you share your experiences with others who appreciate them.

Sabah Climbing Association
Sabah Indoor Climbing Center



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