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Introducing Janet M. Belarmino-Forney, a highly experienced and accomplished Tennis Coach with over 20 years of experience in coaching, training, and leading individuals and teams in various athletic endeavors, with a focus on tennis. Her diverse background, including sailing the seas and climbing Mt. Everest, sets her apart and gives her a unique and holistic approach to coaching.

Janet’s approach to coaching combines her extensive knowledge of physical training and motivation, as well as her experience as an adventurer and motivational speaker. She has a strong background in physical training and conditioning, and has a proven track record of successfully organizing and leading island boat expeditions, mountaineering expeditions, and small team training expeditions.

In her role as a Tennis Coach, Janet has been working with individuals and teams to improve performance and physical well-being. She has been developing and implementing strength and conditioning programs and providing guidance and motivation to athletes to help them reach their goals. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Sports Science and a Certificate in Sports from the University of the Philippines Diliman and has experience working with a wide range of ages and skill levels, including high-performance athletes.

In addition to her work experience, Janet is a motivational speaker, sharing stories of her Mt. Everest climb and providing fascinating insights into planning, preparation, motivation, and inspiration. She is currently sailing around the world with her family, working as a freelance coach, leading keynotes and educational programs for kids, groups, and communities that inspire and inform about conservation and education.

Janet is available and willing to travel and relocate to where the job is located. She has a website ( and a podcast website ( where one can find out more about her, her expeditions, and her speaking engagements. She is available for contact via email (, Whatsapp (+63 906 494 3370), and Viber (+63 906 494 3370) and she is currently residing in S/V Mermaid, Chalong bay, Phuket, Thailand.

Janet’s skills and experience align well with the specific needs and goals of any tennis organization. Her diverse experience and unique approach make her an attractive candidate for any tennis coaching role. Her ability to work with a variety of age groups and skill levels, her experience with high-performance athletes, and her ability to develop and implement effective training programs make her an asset to any organization.


“Working with Janet as my coach has been an incredible experience. She not only helped me improve my tennis skills but also taught me how to apply the lessons from her expeditions to my daily life. Her unique approach to coaching truly sets her apart.”

“Janet’s coaching has been a game-changer for our team. Not only have we seen significant improvements in our performance, but her holistic approach has also helped us become more confident and motivated individuals.”

Don’t hesitate to contact Janet M. Belarmino-Forney to discuss your tennis team’s performance. She is excited about the opportunity to bring her unique approach and expertise to an organization and is confident that her skills and experience will help players reach their full potential and achieve their goals. She is looking forward to hearing from prospective employers and would welcome the opportunity to discuss her qualifications and how she can contribute to an organization.

Sailing the world’s oceans producing video and audio long format interviews with INSPIRING AND IMPORTANT VOICES from around the World. 

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