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EXPLORERS POD  | The Search For Freedom | Episode 1 

I have not produced a sailing documentary for over 12 years. This is the first episode in our video blog series “The Search For Freedom”

Years ago,  I learned a valuable lesson while sailing around the world without an engine. Many times people told me, no, it’s impossible without an engine. There was so much negative feedback. If you want to know how to conquer the world when everyone tells you no, don’t listen to the negativity that surrounds you. Stay true to yourself and your vision. This is the way to unlock your dreams. That’s the way you will find freedom.

The basic instinct of a human being is his search for freedom. I have always been on that search. Freedom that comes from living in the moment and doing what makes us feel the most alive has always been the key for me.

This voyage is about many different things. It is about a gift to my family – to live with my wife and family in search of new experiences, with an endlessly changing horizon, each day to give my children a new and different sun.

It is also a journey to help people see the beauty in uncertainty, and in hardship, so they can grow, and discover their own potential for living an extraordinary life.

It’s a voyage to sail the world’s oceans, producing video and audio interviews with INSPIRING AND IMPORTANT VOICES, engaging in communities, keynote speaking, and providing inspiration through real-life stories.

Our lives are a reminder to take a moment, breathe and remember your empowering beliefs, alongside gratitude and selflessness, that help you be a better person.

That said, we are looking to build a community that we can inspire as well as engage. We would like to work with our community interactively by hearing your voices on topics, like who you think would be an interesting interview/podcast in the communities we are exploring. Tell us your thoughts. Send us your ideas.

Our community is world travel, real-life adventure, based on exploration, inspiration, and collaboration, that shares our goals and values. We celebrate life and culture. Members can take part in our journey by posting their ideas for interviews, introducing contact details for keynotes, and sharing their thought and inspirations. Members get early access to videos, exclusive content, behind-the-scenes stuff, and direct engagement.

In the communities we are in, we will provide a platform so you reach out and introduce us to the interesting venues so we may provide a keynote and share some valuable lessons we’ve learned along the way.

Whoever you are, wherever you stand, we hope to share with you in some meaningful way. Together we can build an international platform that inspires and provides valuable insights and perspective. We are currently working on integrating a community into our website to provide community-based audience interaction to share ideas, contacts, and other helpful information. A place where you can take part in action and exploration. We hope to have this up soon but until then please sign up to get early access, as well as alerts on new content. Sign up here

Please subscribe to our YouTube Channel. and take the time to post and repost our stories and help build our community. 

If you like our work, help us make an impact and support our mission and become a reoccurring donor

Stay tuned and join us on “The Search For Freedom” filled with experiences, and an endlessly changing horizon, each day a new and different sun.

Without further ado, The Search For Freedom, Episode 1.

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Sailing the world’s oceans producing video and audio long format interviews with INSPIRING AND IMPORTANT VOICES from around the World. 


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