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Explorers Pod (Podcast) | Sailing the world's oceans, producing video and audio podcasts with INSPIRING AND IMPORTANT VOICES. Welcome to Explorers Pod, where we believe that life is an adventure worth exploring. Our podcast takes you on a journey around the world's oceans, sharing inspiring and important stories through engaging video and audio podcasts. From promoting tourism, sports, exploration, and conservation, to providing resources and inspiration through real-life stories, our keynotes offer valuable insights and perspectives on the adventures of exploring the world. Our goal is to provide an unforgettable journey of discovery and inspiration, so join us on the Explorers Pod podcast and discover the beauty of the unknown.


Black Flags & Blue Water (Blog) Cruising the world's oceans as a family; Sailors, Climbers, Pirates sharing stories, insights, and laughs, in an effort to inspire people to live out their passions.

Black Flags, Blue Water

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