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Innovative Marine Architecture

Eco Floating


Live in paradise.

Help save the planet.

Earn money.

Floating is the future. Eco Floating Homes.

Floating Homes and Offices | Bespoke Design and Built

Floating Homes and Offices | beautiful floating homes, offices, studios and resorts. The highest quality floating homes and offices in the Philippines at the most affordable price.

We also provide an investment opportunity in the holiday accommodation market.

With our holiday home Time-Share Co-Ownership plans, we give the opportunity not just to leave a destination as tidy as you found it, but also have a net-positive effect on the area, as well as, a positive way to invest and capitalize in the short and long term.



Purchase A Floating Home

There are 2 ways to invest, one make a full purchase of a home, office or retreat and have full ownership with a 10 year guarantee.

Or apply for a Time-Share Co-Ownership plan.

Helping the environment

Create a Healthier Planet

Invest in a Eco Floating Home and become part of our marine eco-pod community.

Our floating homes are the future. They are energy efficient-positive solution for rising populations, rising seas, and threatened ecosystems, making them a valuable investment.



earn income

Create Personal Wealth

Our Time-Share Co-Ownership opportunities is pro-rata or based on the percentage of ownership in the floating homes.  Start enjoying lifetime income and free lifetime vacations today.🏊‍♂️🏄‍♂️🚣‍♀️🏝. 

How our Time-Share Co-Ownership works? Learn More

Full ownership of a Bespoke home, office or retreat come with a 10-year guarantee.



One Size Fits One

Our Eco Floating Homes

Luxury design in symbiosis with nature, sympathetic to their landscape, custom-built upon your request.

Your vision, your life, all built with design ingenuity and exquisite craftsmanship. If you are looking for a home or a holiday home, Eco Floating homes can help you realize your vision.

Your Investment Is Safe and Secure

All units on a Time-Share Co-Ownership plan are managed and cared for 24/7, 365 days a year, ensuring partners need not worry about their accommodation when they are not there.

Full ownership of a Bespoke home, office or retreat come with a 10-year guarantee.

No matter what stage your floating project is in, we are there to assist you. We offer lifetime service, maintenance, and support contracts. 

Our marine eco-pod community

Where we are located

We are developing Marine Eco-Pod communities in Coron Island, Coron bay, Puerto del Sol and other outer island destinations.

Our Luxury Vessel “AmihanStar”

Our Luxe vessel is 20′ x36′ (1440 square feet living space) has a solid cantilever roof/viewing/ lounge deck with 2ft overhang for solar and rain catchment. This is our deluxe holiday floating accommodation with more square feet added to the deck, home structure, and roofing. It also comes with add ons such as of upstairs and downstairs deck cabanas with tables chairs and lounge. Hot water. On platform landscaping such as trees, plants and garden structures. Window dressing. Feature lights. Feature walls and ceilings. This unit has 160 sq ft in large glass windows and sliding glass doors. It is our luxury design, open and comfortable giving you everything you need to live off the grid.




Length: 37.7 ft 
Beam: 20.7 ft 
Draft: 1 ft 
Solar roof capacity: 3 kW
Battery capacity: 800 amph
anchoring system
Epoxy fiber hull & Steel & hardwood super-structure 
Fresh water tank: 355 gallons with Watermaker /30 gallons per Hr
Holding tank: 255 gallons 

Pontoons 8 with 28,000 lbs  buoyancy

Total Living Space: 1440 sqft

Living Indoor 264 sqft
Living Outdoor 720 sqft
Lower Front deck 195 sqft
Lower back deck 155 sqft
Bedrooms: 1/ sleeps 6 to 8 people
Bathrooms: 1.5
AC healthy/soothing interior climate
LED lighting system indoor & outdoor
Floor to ceiling saftey glass windows
Smart house automation

9ft ceilings

Window & door glass 160 sq ft

Lounge area with amenities, upstairs and downstairs deck cabanas with tables chairs and lounge. Hot water. On platform landscaping such as trees, plants and garden structures. Window dressing. Feature lights.  Feature walls and ceilings.

Electrical System: Canadian 3000W Mono Solar array,


Sewerage & sanitation system RARITAN–Electro Scan Type I MSD

Reliable and environmentally friendly onboard Marine Sanitation Device that generates its own natural disinfectant from saltwater.

The Electro Scan utilizes electrodes which temporarily convert saltwater into a powerful bactericide. The treated wastewater then safely and conveniently reverts back to its original state of salt and water which meets EPA Type I standards for overboard discharge. Electro Scan device removed almost all pathogen indicators (99.99% or greater).”

Refrigerator freezer -The Isotherm Cruise 65 Elegance Black is a 2.3 cubic foot marine refrigerator (65 liters).  

1 aircon

1 tv

Home supplies

Eco Floating Homes|Resilient Living

Advantages of buying a floating home.


Resolving the long-term impact on the environment as well as the local population.


All buildings are constructed out of sustainable materials like timber and bamboo.

Adapt To Rising Waters

They are very effective in dealing with floods

Energy Efficient

Floating homes with a solar PV system, solar water heating, hydronic heating, rainwater collection, water maker and sewage disinfectant from saltwater

Coral Bleaching

Combating coral bleaching by shadowing the reef and lowering the temperature a little.


Creating Habitat

Our floating structures can also increase the amount of sea life by serving as a habitat.


You can also have gorgeous sunrise and sunset views out on the water, or spend time watching local animal wildlife right from the comfort of your front “porch”. With a floating home, you’re afforded the luxury of jumping into the water any time you feel like.

Calming Effect

Floating homes have a calming effect. The light rocking helps you sleep. People would “never sleep better than they would on a floating home.

Improved Quality Of Life

Living on water can also reduce the negative effects of heat, and may improve the quality of life of residents, who like to live on or near water.


You can move it anywhere. You can choose and change your neighbors.

Where does my drinking and fresh water come from?

Onboard  Watermaker that produces 30 gallons of fresh potable water an hour.

What is the cost of a floating house ?

The specificity of our construction leads to a calculation that integrates various factors specific to floating structures.

Thus the price will depend on the surface of the float, its thickness, and depth, the size of the hull will depend on the type of house you want to achieve and, of course, its final elevation.

For more information contact us


Do I need any building permits?

If your wish is to set up your floating home on a waterway or seaway, no. Our floating home is legally considered as a boat.


What are the regulations for floating homes?

They are all registered as ships and fly the flag of the country where they are anchored. They must meet safety standards as all floating vessel and or establishments. With that said expect, to have in your home with: life jackets, buoys and life line and even, navigation lights (although very discreet).

How much power does the basic my solar system provide, what can I use?

Our basic platforms solar solution is designed to accommodate its basic daily power needs.  

Additional components can be added upon partners needs and or request. This also adds value to the rental accommodation and would be reflected in the pricing.

Can I access the internet? Is there WiFi available ?

All basic units come with WiFi system.

How does the toilet, sink and sanitation systems work?


And the sanitation system. Onboard Marine Sanitation Device that generates its own natural disinfectant from saltwater. Electro Scan device removes almost all pathogen indicators (99.99% or greater).”


Is there one that is already built and can be visited/used?

Yes, of course! If you have a project, we can arrange a visit to one of our houses in the Coron. 


How are the units moored in place?


Our units will be moored using a 4 point cross-directional system. The anchoring point will be plastic 55-gallon drums filled with rocks, rebar, and concrete, leaving half of a car tire exposed as a fastening point for the mooring lines

See our dock example here.








Do they float on aluminum or encased foam filled pontoons?

Our units float on different pontoon systems dependent on the application and customer needs

1) Our basic floating home is encased foam 

2) Our more versatile design for easier movement and transport as a vessel type uses HPPE piping

Our design uses corner and joint stiffener with quality standard floatation.



Will our homes last a long time, are they strong? Are our floating houses guaranteed?

Yes, of course. Our floating homes use of premium hardwood, high-grade steels and non-corrosive parts as our best guarantee. Our pontoons are made of HDPE with a 20-year guarantee. If there must be an intervention on the hull, it will be carried out by one of our specially licensed divers. Our houseboats are as strong as wood framing houses. 

Also, our houseboats are covered by a ten-year guarantee and maintained in accordance with their specified maintenance contract, suited to its design. This maintenance contract can be upgraded at any time. All maintenance contract have quarterly structure evaluation. In addition, all our floating homes have a yearly Marina safety inspection in compliance with Philippine Maritime law. All our houses meet all standards and approvals in the Philippines.



“Architecture can only respond to overpopulation by addressing the questions of density, economy, and speed of construction. The space of large rivers and ocean fronts in urban areas can offer answers to these questions.”

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