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Sailing Coach and Consultation.

Crossing an Ocean | Sailing around the world consultation.

Thoughts and Strategies on How to Sail Around the World One Ocean at a Time

Sailing across the Ocean is challenging and extremely rewarding. With the right planning and good seamanship, it’s also within reach of most sailors. In many ways, crossing the Atlantic, the Pacific, and the Indian Ocean is designed for small boat sailors. A pattern of prevailing winds and currents makes east and westbound crossings readily attainable.

These oceans have been my, life and place of work for the last 27 years. During that time I accumulated more than 110,000 sea miles. I have sailed following the trade winds across the South Pacific, north of Australia,up the Malacca, across the Indian Ocean south of the equator, and around South Africa, and back across the South Atlantic back across the Pacific for the second time, crossing the Indonesian archipelago 4 times. and 14 years steaming the Philippine archapeligo running island boat expedition. I’m now preparing to cross the Indian Ocean for the second time with more ocean crossings in the work. This is a topic I really understand.

Please find Route Map attached below.

I can help turn your dream of sailing around the world a reality, one ocean at a time.

That said, I would be more than happy to start with a 1/2 hour consultation at $50 USD to help you begin your dream.

If you like our style and are interested, Janet and I also provide a two-part webinar/consultation, each 2-3 hours long, which will explain every facet of crossing your first ocean. We will focus on completing 1 ocean crossing.    
Topics include:

During our consultation, we will detail west-to-east crossings or the crossing of your choice. I will discuss when is the best time to depart on different routes, and waypoints along the way.  We will talk about fitting out specifically for the crossing. We will look closely at weather patterns, historical storm patterns, and how and where to get reliable weather information. We will also discuss landfalls in detail. We will discuss the challenging passages along your crossing and the staging points along the way.  We will talk about downwind and deep-reaching strategies and techniques.  We also look closely at landfalls and the best strategies for cruising the islands. We will cover the logistics of leaving the boat and returning home if need be, including what are safe affordable marinas and dealing with the visa requirements and the VAT tax implications.  As always, we will take questions long into the night.  

*The cost for 2 x  2-3 hours-long personal consultations is a total of $250 for both consultations.




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